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RVLock is the original keyless entry solution for fifth wheels, travel trailers, horse trailers, motorhomes, and more.

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We are a family-owned and operated small business headquartered in Northern Utah. RVLock is a uniquely designed product that is for RVers, created by RVers. Our goal is to protect what matters most while making life more convenient. RVLock is an innovative RV security company that created a lock designed to maximize security and give RVers complete peace of mind while they are out on their next adventure.

Before RVLock, there were no keyless options for travelers looking for a safer solution. The manufactured locks that come with the purchase of a rig are unsafe and unreliable, making it necessary for travelers to search for alternatives. RVLock became the first company to design and sell keyless entry solutions for RVers. RVLock’s success is largely attributed to our dedication to innovation. RVLock is constantly developing new designs to accommodate all types of rigs on the market.

RVLock comes with many different features that make them a premium upgrade. Multiple locks can be keyed alike, making it easier to unlock and unlock a rig door and storage bay all from one keycode. RVLock has hundreds of different custom RVLock key codes, and we are constantly creating new keycodes to decrease the chances of another traveler having the same key. RVLock also replaces lost keys in-house, making it convenient to get new keys with the same keycode without going through a locksmith. All keyless handles can be programmed to be controlled from one fob remote for easy access to the entire rig. Our excellent customer service team goes above and beyond to make sure every one of our customers is taken care of. We have a fully developed RVLock team that takes care of all our fulfillment in-house. All RVLock handles come with a lifetime warranty because we stand behind our product and treat our customers like family.

RVLocks inventor and founder, Cade Harris, turned an unfortunate circumstance into a multi-million dollar idea. One day in 2008, Cade discovered that his trailer had been broken into and robbed completely of tens of thousands of dollars worth of items. He decided to look for a solution to increase his trailer’s security but could not find anything on the market that fit his needs. Cade decided to take matters into his own hands and create a product that would protect travelers alike while on the road, and help them avoid a situation that he experienced. RVLock became a company of premium products that not only provides maximum security for its users but is also convenient and easy to use. Today, RVLock is now the number one best-selling keyless entry lock for fifth wheels, travel trailers, horse trailers, motorhomes, and more.

What started as a simple idea has now grown into a full product line. RVLock’s product line includes keyless handles, mechanical handles, keyless baggage door handles, hasp bar latches, and cam locks. Our keyless entry locks can also be upgraded with RVLock BT Pro+ to be Bluetooth compatible. RVLock BT pro+ allows you to connect your smartphone to your lock through our RVLock app. The RVLock app makes it possible to unlock your rig with a push of a button from the convenience of your smartphone. RVLock is also committed to being environmentally conscious by selling refurbished locks for a lower price to reduce waste and make the roads a better place. RVLock is dedicated to creating products that keep the traveler community safe. RVLock will continue to use the latest, innovative technology to produce products that will protect what matters most while making the life of a traveler more convenient.

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