Royal Present Embroidery

United States

Hello, I'm Lyudmila Konovalova, and embroidery is a part of my Ukrainian heritage.

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Royal Present Embroidery

All the women in my family have practised cross-stitching as a tradition passed down through generations. It’s a beautiful national feature.
I spent 20 years doing embroidery by hand until I discovered that embroidery machines could do it for you.
Having studied the market, I realized that the machine needs a program that tells it how to embroider and what to do.
I have an advantage with my hand embroidery skills since those who create software may not know about the art of needle embroidery.
Our unique designs boast stitches exclusively created by us and have never been replicated by anyone else. Customers often express their surprise and satisfaction upon discovering the machine’s exceptional embroidery capabilities when they use our products.
Our company has been utilizing 3D techniques without special foam, making us pioneers. With 13 years of experience, we have brought joy to thousands of embroiderers worldwide.

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