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Rootlab is a lab-based Mycology business that works with hobbyists, Universities, mushroom farmers and businesses looking for Mycological Supplies.

Main Services:

Pre Poured agar Petri dish, Presterelised Grain bags (Millet or Rye), Mushroom Spawn bags, Mushroom Substrate, Monotub fruiting chamber, Liquid Culture Syringe, All in One bags, Mushroom Grow Kits, Australian Mushroom Supplies


We deal with Mushroom Cultures, Supplies, Tools and equipment to grow mushrooms in the comfort of your own home. Rootlab also offers consultancy to mushroom far to set up and achieve success in no time.

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"It's a very good analytics software that makes the life of an entrepreneur selling online really easy. It is amazing how simple and informative the platform is."

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