Ron Evans Realty

United States, Rancho Santa Margarita

Ron Evans Realty is an independent real estate brokerage in Rancho Santa Margarita, the heart of South Orange County, California. After 8 years of working for larger teams and national brokerage brands, Ron made the decision to obtain his real estate brokers license and branch out on his own.

Main Services:

Real Estate Sales, Residential Property Management, Short Sales, Buying Real Estate, Working with home buyers, working with home sellers, real estate broker

Ron Evans Realty

While the bigger companies afforded Ron many tools, he always felt something was lacking, so Ron Evans Realty was born.

As a boutique real estate brokerage, Ron Evans Realty operates with the following principles:

* More Personal Attention: Because large brokerages often have a large number of agents, it can be difficult for a single agent to provide the level of personal attention and service that clients deserve. With Ron Evans Realty, our clients always come first!

* More Local Area Knowledge: Large brokerages typically have agents that cover a wide geographical area, which means that they may not have the same level of knowledge and familiarity with any particular local market. Ron Evans Realty serves Rancho Santa Margarita and it’s surrounding communities in Orange County, first and foremost.

* Less Pressure To Close A Sale: Large brokerages may have sales targets that they expect their agents to meet, which can lead to pressure on the agent to close a sale, even if it’s not in they clients’ best interest. Because we are unique and boutique, Ron Evans Realty doesn’t need to pressure any client to buy or sell, if they are not fully ready.

* Lower Commissions: Large Brokerages may charge higher commissions for their services, which can be a significant cost for buyers and sellers. Being boutique and small, Ron Evans Realty doesn’t have large overhead and operating costs, therefore we can pass commission savings and discounts to our buyers and sellers. All of our clients are still treated like luxury!

* More Personal Communication: Agents from large brokerages may have a lot of clients at a time, which means less attention, less communication and less follow up. Because Ron Evans Realty is smaller, we can be selective with how many clients we work with at a time, ensuring that timely communication and follow up are maintained.

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