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The Rollga Roller is the only patented, contoured foam roller and self massager in the world with 4-D technology.

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A revolutionary self massaging tool designed to reach muscles with greater precision than any other self care product. The unique Rollga foam roller design significantly improves flexibility by 22% while providing relief from back pain, shin splints, and many others injuries.

Our other products complement the Rollga massager by adding features like easy travel and body part specific therapies.

Key Features of Rollga Products:
-Protects the Spine, Hips, Shins, & Achilles
-Cross-Directionally Targets Trigger Points
-Naturally Restores Fascia Lubrication
-Restores Movement and Improves Flexibility and Range of Motion
-Stimulates Oxygen-Rich Blood Flow for Healing and Faster Recovery
-Omni-Directional Force Reduces Fascial Fuzz
-The Only Targeted Joint Relief Roller
-All the Benefits of a Flat/Bumpy Roller But With More Specific Targeting


Unlock movement – Three foam densities to address myofascial trigger points for all body types.

Speed up recovery – Roll on muscle tissue and not bone or other sensitive areas.

Restore range of motion – Dynamic movements while rolling promote active release of soft tissue.

The Beginning
The idea for Rollga all began when our creator, Taggart, was in his 30s running marathons. While training, Taggart began suffering from shin splints and a resurgence of back pain that initially began after a car accident he was involved in several years earlier. Taggart was recommended to begin foam rolling and shortly after was blown away by how much it helped his pain. There was only one issue. The foam rollers Taggart was using were traditional flat foam rollers which made it incredibly difficult for him to reach and target the areas on his shins and back that needed attention. Thus, with Taggart’s background as a Physicist, he began to research the various types of foam rollers available. Taggart invested in every foam roller he could find and began documenting the pros and cons. He found that the basic design of the foam roller had not changed and that most rollers are flat while our bodies are not – hence the ‘curves’ of Rollga are born to better fit the human body thru an engineers mind.

The Birth Of Rollga
Tammie and I knew we could create a “better mouse trap” foam roller. We wanted a roller that would go deeper – something that could go beyond what the ordinary roller can reach. We also sought to find ways to take the pressure off the bones when rolling for more comfort. We experimented by rigging various materials and products including foam blocks, balls, marbles, cut-up rollers, fabric, and even using a lathe -Taggart nearly claimed fingers! After more than 50 prototype’s of various successes, we had found an extremely versatile solution, and Rollga was born.

Name & Logo
Our logo is inspired by the Vitruvian Man made popular by Leonardo Da Vinci and is associated with ideal, perfect, and balanced health and fitness. The inception of the name “Rollga” was spawn over a combination of words – “Rolling” and “Yoga.” Foam Rolling and stretching are ideal for recovery and overall health, the combination of Yoga stretching poses and foam rolling creates ideal and balanced health and fitness. For the logo, our biggest inspiration was to restore movement to people in a simple and efficient way.

The Rest Is History
Rollga took to the streets. After producing over 100 hand made Rollga’s, we put them to the test of industry leaders, medical professionals, business professionals, attorneys, runners, grandma’s, you name it, we shared it. Everyone’s response was the same. They all got excited when they saw it, and they all wanted to keep it when they tried it. Rollga couldn’t keep up with the demand. Today, Rollga is no longer just a Foam Roller Concept. Rather, a company that is founded on a more efficient, effective and comfortable foam roller design that is shaped to Fit Your Body.

Why Rollga?
Rollga is a cross-directional foam roller designed to stabilize the hips, align the back, and increase range-of-motion. The Rollga foam roller is ideal for muscle recovery, fascial health, and functional restoration of movement. Ordinary foam rollers cause discomfort and pain due to the unfitting design. Rollga’s contoured shape is designed to fit your body and reach trigger points that are difficult to reach with an ordinary roller.

Our entire body is consumed with connective tissue called Fascia. Just like anything in our body, connective tissue degenerates and breaks down over time. The degeneration of fascia can be accelerated with repetitive overuse, stress, or injury. Rollga is a high-quality foam roller that brings regeneration to damaged tissue by influencing the circulation of oxygen-rich blood flow. Rollga prevents fascia from becoming unhealthy, and by restoring your fascia, you restore your mobility.

Move Better and Live Well with Rollga

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