RollerTrol Automation Systems

United States

Since we incorporated in 2011 we have helped thousands of customers install our 12v low voltage blind and shade motors, our low voltage awning window opener motors, and our single-hung and double-hung window slider motors.

Main Services:

12v blind and shade motors, 12v awning window motors, 12v motorized aluminum and glass louvers

RollerTrol Automation Systems

We are specialists for the following:
-12v low voltage blind and shade motors, with no shock hazard
-12v low voltage awning window motors (no shock hazard)
-12v low voltage single-hung and double-hung window motors

We also manufacture and sell custom blinds and shades, if DIY is not your thing. We have motors with up to 45 lb lift capacity for those extra wide roller shades.

We are also a factory-direct supplier of custom glass and aluminum louvers that bring fresh, cool air into (and out of) homes and buildings.

We are available 24/7 for your questions, so please contact us at any time.

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