Rob Gintner Homes: True Real Estate

United States, Bloomington, MN

He can organize a room like a game of tetris. He gets lost for hours in technology.

Main Services:

Residential Real Estate, Home Selling, Home Buying, Home Down Sizing, Home right sizing

Rob Gintner Homes: True Real Estate

And his dog has better insurance than he does. That’s a little
glimpse inside the heart, mind, and old soul of Rob Gintner. Fortunately, his
talents and personality don’t end there.
Rob was born in Nebraska to an Air Force Reserves dad and young mom. After
his Mom’s second marriage, they moved to a hog farm in southern Minnesota.
Although it wasn’t his idea of fun, he always found comfort in the solitude of the
country, and it was also where he met one of his best friends, along the same
gravel road where he lived. His grandparents were instrumental in his
upbringing, showing him the importance of family gatherings and teaching him
about a solid work ethic.
After high school, Rob enlisted in the Navy, active duty from 1992-1996. His
emphasis was on meteorology and oceanography. His first orders sent him to
Guam, where he spent a little over two years. Then he was stationed on the USS
Abraham Lincoln for the remainder of his active duty. It was the mixture of his
military experiences, his personality, and the values he was taught growing up
that helped him realize that real estate might just be his destiny.
He’s moved over 28 times and lost over 30 loved ones throughout his life.
It’s pretty safe to say that Rob knows a thing or two about major life
transitions. And that’s exactly how he became known as Your Transition
Agent . It’s also why he believes that living in a home that matches your time and
energy will allow you to travel more, do more, and have more in life through
journeys and creating memories. Life is too short to bypass those opportunities.
Today, Rob helps down-sizers transition swiftly and seamlessly into a
smaller space so they can enjoy a larger life. He’s very passionate about an
outcome that provides all people with a richer, more meaningful life. He has an
incredible talent for spatial planning, no matter the size of the home. And most
importantly, he believes that buying or selling a home is much more than a
transaction—it’s a transition.
When he isn’t helping people transition into their next phase of life, he’s spending
time with his dog, Tillie, and learning about history, hidden cities, and old
civilizations. Yes, Rob Gintner can teach us something about living a quality of
life we all deserve, and how to make our home space both personal and
purposeful. His own life transitions have shaped his outlook and talents, and as
a result, the meaningful space of all those who cross his path.

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