Riley Beans

Ireland, Donegal


Main Services:

Digital signage , Menus , Restaurant menus. , Board menus , signs , electronic signs , screens , displays , digital signs , Think print

Riley Beans

Most digital signage websites offer 1 screen sign for €8-20 per month. Riley Beans offers 36 signs for €8 per month, cancel anytime. Riley Beans also offers signs with built-in cartoon videos for kids. Riley Beans’ signs and menus are all pre-designed. Users don’t need skills to design them. It’s all done for them. And all our signs and menus are fully editable at any time. And so simple to use. Other digital signage websites expect their users to buy media players at up to €100 each. Riley Beans doesn’t need media players. Riley Beans also works off-line, it’s great if your wifi isn’t reliable. Users can also save and web capture menus & signs on USBs and display them on TV screens simply by slotting them into TVs. Riley Beans can also be bought for a one-time payment of €99, cutting out monthly subscription fees. Users can upload images of their products and descriptions of their products.

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"I've just signed up but it looks pretty impressive in the number of services it offers and in its support"

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