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Transformation of health

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Free DNA Hair Analysis , WILDFIT 90 Day Health Challenge , Week by Week Coaching , Gut Health , Remedies + Tissue Salts , Support Groups , Facebook Community , Complimentary Discovery Calls

Rewind-Health Limited

I would like to introduce myself (Felicity Cherry).

I have walked the road and understand peoples’ struggle and suffering.😒😞

This led me to launch Rewind- Health over two years ago, and qualified as a Professional Health Consultant and certified Wildfit Health Coach. I able to mentor clients by providing additional holistic service so that they can gain the best outcomes.

Transformation of health through understanding and changing client relationships with food, forms the foundation of Rewind-Health.😁🕺⛹️🥝🍒🥑

Supply an In-depth analysis, strategy formation, planning, coaching and utilisation of technology are all key parts of my process.

Appropriate for clients of all ages, I can show the clients how to rewind their health to achieve results and live life to their full potential.

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