Revel Lash

United States, Tampa

My name is Bethany Peterson and I founded Revel Lash in the beginning of 2023.

Main Services:

DIY Lash extensions , DIY lash remover, DIY Lash tools , Lash cleanser, Volume lashes , Wispy lashes, Natural lashes

Revel Lash

I’ve actually been a lash artists for the past 10 years and have been in the beauty industry for over 15 years. I’ve always loved everything beauty, I worked as a makeup artist doing high end hair and makeup for weddings, I worked in a salon for many years as a hairstylist and then eventually was introduced to lash extensions long before it was as popular as it is now. I excelled quickly with them and after a few years opened my own lash studio. I absolutely loved the lash studio, I’ve always enjoyed working with clients, especially women and being of service to those around me. The lash industry was both artistic and equally structured which I found a calm balance in. I owned that lash studio for over 5 years until we decided to move across the country in 2022. We moved from Ca to Fl so needless to say we didn’t know anyone or who was reputable who wasn’t. I had just closed down by business and decided I would stay home with my kids for this season of life. This put us in a new financial situation that I didn’t feel justified spending the money on services like lashes, in addition to that i was limited in my options of lash studios and really didn’t trust someone new so far from home. So I was very hesitant to go spend several hundred dollars on a new set with someone I didn’t trust and would have to drive a distance to since we were in a rural area. None of these things sounded appealing but I have had lashes for the past almost 10 years I really didn’t want to be without. I knew there were some brands out there of DIY Lashes but I didn’t know much about them. So I looked at a few and I tried a few. The first one I tried I was super unimpressed their “volume” was so light and wispy and not worth the money. So I tried some cheaper brands that gave me more fullness but looked super fake and none were comfortable at all. I was stacking 3 pairs to get the fullness I wanted but was so uncomfortable it seemed like there had to be another option. I had created a lash brand for my studio in the past so I figured I would do some looking around and see what the options would be in launching my own DIY Lash brand and low and behold I found my holy grail. I had worn anything like it, it was comfortable looked literally just like extensions and lasted me a solid 10 days I also had zero lashes come out with them so my concern for damage was answered. I used the samples I had after a few months I decided why not? Let’s give it a go and if it fails, at least I tried right?! So I jumped in, I immediately started designing a logo picking color, coming up with a brand kit etc. I was excited I felt a fire underneath like this is what I was supposed to be doing and it felt good to be in this place again. Once I launched it the feedback was amazing it literally brought me to tears, everyone loved it. Everyone was obsessed, I sold more my first week then I had expected to sell in the first few months. People were so supportive, and still are and all my thoughts about there being a need for this was accurate. For the women who is allergic to extensions but still wanted the look, or the mom that’s too busy to make and appointment but wants her lashes, or the college girl that just can’t put lash extensions in her budget anymore but isn’t ready to let go or even the traveler or flight attendant who just isn’t around often enough for a consistent appointment but loves having lashes… their were plenty of people who had the need that isn’t being fulfilled by other brands. And sure there’s some decent lashes out there but I can promise ours are going to mimic the look of lash extensions better then anything else out there and beyond that they are extremely comfortable with excellent retention. Like I said, I enjoy being of service to those around me, especially other women and being able to still do that even having moved and knowing no one around me this a has allowed me to do that and if even only one person ever bought and loved them that would have been enough for me to say it was worth it.

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