Rep-Force Inc.

United States, Solon

Ridiculous Machine Tools is a manufacturer of the highest-quality machine tool accessories available on the market today.

Main Services:

End Mill Holders, ER Collet Chucks, Toggle Clamps, Keyless Drill Chucks, Drill Chuck Arbors, ER Spring Collets, Live Centers, Coolant & Oil Saver, Morse Taper Adapters, Jacobs Taper Adapters

Rep-Force Inc.

We offer the most comprehensive selection of Cat40, Cat50, and R8 end mill holders with any projection length necessary for the machinist’s application. Our Cat40 and Cat50 ER Collet Chucks are offered with projection options ranging from 1″ to 14″ to ensure that we have the Tool Holder you need when you need it. In addition to our full line of toggle clamps, RMT has you covered for workholding of your parts, as well as providing the holder for your tool. This is why we are known as the machinist choice. We also have a full range of Live Centers, Keyless Drill Chucks, Drill Chuck Arbors, High Precision ER Collets with Ultra Precision, Steel Sealed and Tap Collets to handle any tool-holding situation a machinist might encounter. We pride ourselves on our 100% quality control system, which ensures that each of our customers gets the right tool they need. Our customer satisfaction is paramount to our success, so at RMT, we always take the customer’s side, as we are all on the same side. Our success is our customers’ success, and we strive to do whatever is possible to ensure our customers have the right tools for the job. Being a Veteran-Owned business, we have high standards for our products, employees, and the way we do business, which separates us from our competition. We offer the best 24/7 technical support in the business and will always help resolve any issue or application our customers need assistance with at any time of the day. That is why we are the Machinist’s Choice here at RMT, Ridiculous Machine Tools.

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