Rento Helsinki Tours

Finland, Helsinki

Rento Helsinki Tours offers fun and informative small-group walking tours in Helsinki.

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Rento Helsinki Tours

The business started two years ago, in the middle of the pandemic, when I showed Helsinki to visitors virtually. As tourism started to flow back to Finland, walking tours went quickly from the virtual to the real world.

Rento Helsinki Tours is a locally owned, one-woman business. On my tours, I like to show visitors what I love about Helsinki. Guests will hear stories about Finland’s history and culture in an interactive and engaging way. As the groups are small, everyone has an opportunity to ask all the possible questions and the tour rhythm is flexible. During the tours, the visitors will get insights into the Finnish lifestyle, and hear them from a local person who grew up in the city. Helsinki Walking Tour is my best-seller tour, it goes every day at 10:00 and lasts for 2,5 hours. The group size is limited to eight.

Rento Helsinki Tours offers also private tailor-made experiences for anyone looking for more exclusive tours in Helsinki. On my private tours, anything (that is legal) is possible! All the experiences can be tailored according to your special interests. Would you like to experience a true Finnish smoke sauna? Or maybe dive into Helsinki’s nightlife? Or why not, book my most popular Helsinki Walking Tour for your own group and explore the major sights of Helsinki with a private guide, at your own pace?

The name “Rento” is my favorite word in Finnish and also a word that describes me as a person, and the vibe I want to give on my tours. You could translate “rento” as easy-going, relaxed, laid-back etc. So on my tours, the atmosphere will be inviting and everyone is welcome exactly as they are. My own tour-guiding career started seven years ago when I was living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. During the Olympic Games 2016, I ended up working as a guide for Finnish travelers, and I loved it. I have been back in Helsinki since 2018 and since then I have been leading hundreds of tours. Rento Helsinki Tours is my own project, and the idea for it became as I got tired of leading massive groups of tourist. I used to have groups of 25-50 people every day, there was no interaction, just me, talking the same stories every day. I wanted to do something different and focus on small group tours, the kind of tours that I like to do when I travel. These two years have been awesome, I have met thousands of people from all over the world, showed them my city, and even made friends with many of them.

I’m looking forward to meeting all of the future travelers discovering Helsinki with me. In the end, I believe traveling is all about meeting people, diving into the local culture, and trying gastronomy. I’m the person in Helsinki who will facilitate that, and after my tour, people will walk out with a deeper understanding of Helsinki and Finland. Rento Helsinki Tours shows you the side of Helsinki, that only a local would know about!

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