ReDefined – Health + WellBeing + Movement

New Zealand, Papamoa Beach

To bring like-minded people and professionals together, working towards a common goal of redefining the health and fitness industry.

Main Services:

gym, pilates, yoga, personal trainer, physiotherapist, fitness training, infrared sauna, massage, nutritionist

ReDefined – Health + WellBeing + Movement

Utilising a range of innovative movement modalities, combined with holistic health services aimed at bettering the everyday lives of our community in Papamoa

ReDefined is a vision, a dedication towards the betterment of the health fitness and wellness industry that has been over 40 collective years in the making. Founder Jimmy August aims to simplify what can often be a confusing message about how to improve your overall wellbeing by combining proven science, with a holistic purpose.

The goal with ReDefined is to be New Zealand’s first purpose-built, fully integrated health, wellbeing and movement hub. We have developed a space for the Papamoa community to experience a holistic and community-based approach to health, fitness and wellness by introducing our own universal wellbeing philosophy. A space for our TRIBE to thrive in!

The core of our concept is our unique “three studios / one membership” offering. Our Performance Studio houses the latest, greatest and most innovative fitness and strength training techniques, our MindBody Studio is our own dedicated world-class Hot Yoga offering, and our Movement Studio brings the best of what Pilates has to offer with both Reformer and Mat Pilates, rounding off New Zealand’s most innovative fitness offering. ​

Here at ReDefined we are passionate about understanding how certain groups around the world live long, happy and connected lives. A holistic approach sees the very best health practitioners working under one roof with New Zealand’s most innovative personal health and fitness coaching in our dedicated Results Room, nutritionist/naturopath, a “prehab” focused Physiotherapist + various forms of massage helps us deliver our Universal Wellbeing Philosophy. ​

Our Purpose is simple:

‘ReDefining the health and fitness industry in New Zealand by bringing a mix of science and energy together under one roof. Giving people the tools to learn, grow and empower themselves towards health, happiness and longevity’

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