Rasta Seed

Australia, Mullumbimby

Rastaseed is an Australian based Rastafarian Jamaican and Reggae clothing and merchandise store. It all began in 2002 with a seed of hope. At last there was a mechanism for spreading the word. In the words of the King Haile Selassie 1962

Main Services:

clothing, accessories, shoes, homewares, stationery, reggae music, Jamaican caps, Rasta hats, Rastafarian t-shirts, ital medicine

Rasta Seed

“No development in the modern world has been so startling as the revolution in communications. Man’s voice flashes around the earth in split seconds. Distance & time have been annihilated. Our people’s vigour and labour can bear fruit only when communication networks are afforded them.”

It started with handmade pure wool Australian knitted Rastafarian inspired tams, berets and beanies. Australia and New Zealand are renowned for their fine wool. Australian designer and New Zealand knitter, these beautifully crafted hats have spread across the globe from Japan to Finland, Germany to Canada and of course Europe and the United States of America. Adorning the heads of reggae musicians Junior Marvin and ‘Bushman’ they travel with them on tour and keep them warm in the European winters.

In the past twenty years the internet has known phenomenon growth and change. Rastaseed has had to change with it. Thus the expansion into other clothing. Men, women and children’s clothing, shoes and accessories. Dresses, swimwear, shorts, tanks, t-shirts, crop tops track pants leggings, sneakers, boots and hoodies in bright Jamaican and Rasta colors. Accessories like bags, watches, and embroidered Jamaican patois caps.

The Rastafarian and Jamaican symbology features strongly in the designs. Emperor Haile Selassie, the Lion of Judah, star of david, one love, Marcus Garvey, Jamaican flag and Rasta flag. Recently with the regained acknowledgment of the myriad of uses and medicinal value of the plant genus Cannabis, the hemp leaf has also featured in clothing and homeware designs.

The evolution of print on demand has enabled Rasta Seed to expand into homewares. Floor and lounge cushions, wall hangings, murals, tapestries and picnic blankets. Shower curtains, doona covers, coasters, beach towels, yoga mats, and much more.

Greeting cards, notebooks, stickers, phone and laptop covers we’ve got accessories for the office and car. Life is so fast these days, we all need a little reminder of what is important, to take time to reflect on the miracle that is life and our connection to everything living thing. There are miracles around us every second of every day.

Passionate about the livity that is Rastafari, educational material about not only Jamaican medicinal plants but many significant herbal plants, fruits and vegetables is also a strong focus. Information and links to Coconut, ginger, aloe, cannabis and cinnamon to name a few. Focusing on a healthy ital diet of fresh fruits, spices, vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs and ground provisions.

Jamaica, the land of wood and water, is a breathtaking island with delicious food, reggae music and beautiful beaches. Rastaseed has information and links to Jamaican souvenirs and travel books, as well as an extensive Jamaican patois glossary and dictionary of terms. If you are looking for a Rasta, Reggae or Jamaican gift or souvenir you will find something at Rastaseed.

Reggae is music of Rasta, it is the heartbeat riddim and calms and soothes the soul. Rastaseed links to countless reggae artists. There is always something new and fresh coming out of Jamaica and you can find links and sounds here.

The Rasta colors are the colors of the motherland Africa. They represent the red for the blood that unites us all and the blood that has been shed. The gold of the sun and the gold that has been stolen and the green for the motherland Ethiopia and the natural earth mother.

Spread the colors, the vibrant colors of life all around the world to remind people to live in harmony with one another and be kind to themselves, each other and the earth. We are all one after all.

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