Rappez Graphics

Belgium, Brussels

I am a graphic and web designer based in Brussels, Belgium.

Main Services:

webdesgin , logo design, UX design, layout, graphic design

Rappez Graphics

My name is Vincent Rappez,
I create logos, websites and also web and graphic environment for my clients.
I founded my own company Rappez Graphics in April 2018 after two years of freelance services.

What motivates me and what I appreciate most in my activity, is the opportunity to advise and bring something more in the content and not only in the form, because precisely, what makes the beauty of a realization, it is its perfect adequacy with its utility.
Attracted since always by the comprehension, the improvement, the optimization of things, it is a real pleasure for me to observe the mechanics of things, their functioning and to draw the best from it.
It’s like a game and intellectual curiosity at the same time for me.

When I work on a project, I do it as if it were one of my own or for a close friend. I no longer want to work on projects without putting heart (guts ?) into it, it no longer interest me.

I love using my creativity to help companies stand out on the web and physically.

My goal is to create the brand image that really fits my client, the site that they really deserve and need.

My key values are authenticity, appropriateness, personalization, uniqueness.
I like to see my clients’ businesses grow and succeed

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