Rambo 121

United States, Buckeye

The owner is a young man in his 30's. He start his moving company to show people there is a better way to move.

Main Services:

Rambo 121

Most moving companies just so up with random helpers and things get broken. There is no customer service in this industry. He wanted to change that fr everyone. He started as a mechanic found that there is a need for trucks everywhere. Everything in America is transported with a truck, plane, boat and train. Seen so many horror story when he was planning on moving so he decided to move himself. After that experience he decided there is a better way for everyone to have there items they have works so hard for and long hours at work for. One of the most stressful times in life is moving. So we want to change the game and make customer service top priority only next to quality of the service. It is extremely expensive to move so why have random guy do the jobs? We need professional people to do a professional job so that when the customer plays they feel they got what they paid for. Rambo 121 is a locally own and family operated business that has grown to be able to handle moving nation wide, in less then 2 years. Our goal is to put pressure on all the other companies to step there game up and to chase us. Even with not being a franchise or a big 500 company we compete with them and can stand our grown. It’s not always about the money it’s the memory you leave after the job is complete. We started in Buckeye Arizona and want to be a household name in every state. We offer white glove service all the way down to junk removal services. When it’s moving day or week we can help from start to finish stress free. Rambo 121 moving, hauling & junk removal services is the best in the west and a beast in the east rain snow or sun we will be there.

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