Radiantly Resurging

Kenya, Nairobi

As Christians, we often experience God's redirection.

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Radiantly Resurging

That is where Radiantly Resurging comes in. We provide the tools and keys that help you make sense of God’s redirection. When we cannot discern what God is doing, we often mislabel the season, leading to unnecessary delays and lack of clarity which hinders progress.
Whether you are currently experiencing God’s redirection, are in the wilderness season, or are preparing to come out of the wilderness season, we can help you. Some tools that we help you gain include
1. Clarity
2. Discernment
3. How to maximize your wilderness season.
4. The posture you need to have in your waiting season
5. How to wait well.
6. How to prepare for your breakthrough to experience a permanent breakthrough.
Don’t wander for 40 years in the wilderness as the Israelites did. Gain clarity today. Resurge during and after your wilderness season.

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