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Racemotor is a website created from scratch in 2018 to provide portuguese language audience content about motorsports, be it on two or four wheels. The idea is to offer not only well-known series and championships, but also present other interesting ones, as well as show the effort and talent of people and teams that make it happen.

Since its inception, more than 180 different events and series were shown on our pages to readers from Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Mozambique and other 153 countries. Racemotor became fastly a reliable and comprehensive source of content and, in some topics (cross-country rally, for example), the main reference for those who speak Portuguese. Monthly, there is an average of 220+ new articles.

The website is a brainchild of journalist Rodrigo Gini, whose career on motorsports started in 1996 and include live coverages of Formula 1, Indycars, World Endurance Championship (WEC); Karting, Enduro, Motocross and Supercross world championships; as well as cross-country rallies. He has also an experience of rally driver, with races in Brazil and Italy.

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"The format of the services, as well as the will of helping businesses like mine to expand their audiences with the help of experts. I hope to see it all translated in better numbers soon"

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