Quote Goat

United Kingdom, London

Quote Goat is a U.K. based, fast-growth comparison website for consumers and businesses.

Main Services:

Car insurance, Van insurance, Motor trade insurance, Courier insurance, Business insurance, Taxi insurance, Business finance, Invoice finance, Business energy

Quote Goat

The company was founded in 2014 by Michael Foote and has provided quotes for over 300,000 people in that time.

Our aim is to make it easy for people to save money through comparison. We achieve this by partnering with a leading comparison provider in each product that we offer. Our partners are carefully considered and chosen based on the service they offer, their reviews and their ability to save money for our users.

Quote Goat has a primary focus on insurance, particularly for businesses, where users can save up £435 per year. However, we also provide comparisons for financial products, utilities and a wide range of insurance lines, from car to home.

Quote Goat is also passionate about charity and last year we gave 80 percent of our profits to good causes. As a team we’re particularly focused on helping people who are homeless or without food or water. We also care deeply about the mistreatment of animals and try to support animal charities as much as we can.

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