QuickBlast Sandblasting

Canada, Nanaimo

QuickBlast Sandblasting  is a young, vibrant, mobile and environmentally friendly company.

Main Services:

Sandblasting Services, Commercial Sandblasting, Marine Sandblasting, Construction Sandblasting, Residential Sandblasting, Shot Blasting, Dustless Sandblasting, Abrasive Blasting, Mobile Sandblasting, Bead Blasting

QuickBlast Sandblasting

Started as a sole-proprietor with a creative core and background, after successfully completing various projects, QuickBlast Sandblasting is now an incorporated company formed in 2015.

Having the experience and all sandblasting techniques in our arsenal of tools, QuickBlast has undertaken a number of very exciting, high-quality projects on behalf of the government, private sector and private clients. Being a MOBILE company, We provide services throughout all BC, Vancouver Island and even Alberta!

QuickBlast Sandblasting has identified a market for high-quality restoration and refurbishment. We work extra hard to be within our clients’ needs, budget and timeline. We have assembled a strong team with a wide range of experience to meet that goal today and every day.

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