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PvPower.co.za: Lighting up South Africa, One Solar Panel at a Time

Main Services:

Solar Panels, Solar Inverters, Lithium Ion Phosphate Batteries, solar cable, Solar Panel Mounting Structures, Lithium Battery Fuses, DC Circuit Breakers, AC Circuit Breakers, Surface Mount Distribution boards, PV fuses


Situated in the heart of Alberton, Gauteng Province, South Africa, PvPower.co.za serves as our digital window to the nation. It’s the online representation of our vision, while our tangible operations pulse from our warehouse in Alrode, Gauteng.

Since 2008, Eskom’s inconsistencies cast a shadow over energy supply. Recognizing the imperative shift towards renewable energy, we made our official foray into the solar and renewable energy market in January 2022. Fueled by this mission, we aim to stand out as a formidable player in this arena in the coming years, underpinned by our unwavering commitment to sustainability and excellence.

Though PvPower.co.za is our newest venture, our legacy is rooted in SuperCon Property Developers Pty Ltd, which has been shaping the property landscape since 2009. Hannes Hopley, our spirited leader, isn’t just a corporate figure. He’s an Olympian, having represented South Africa at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. This duality of corporate and sporting spirit is evident as he continues to nurture young athletic talents at a local high school in Alberton.

Our hallmark is not just the quality of products we offer but the breadth and depth of support we provide post-purchase. All products come with local warranties, safeguarded by our suppliers. Our specialized repair services further emphasize our dedication to keeping any system downtime to an absolute minimum.

Both our sales and support teams are central to our ethos. Our sales team, with their expertise, ensures each client discovers solutions uniquely tailored to their needs. Our support staff, bolstered by direct channels with manufacturers, ensures resolutions, insights, and guidance of unparalleled caliber.

Our curated product portfolio is comprehensive. Solar inverters from renowned brands like Deye, Sunsynk, Lux Power, and SRNE are our specialties. Our Lithium-ion battery offerings, encompassing brands like Deye, Shoto, Dyness, Pylontech, Sunwoda, and Hina ESS, ensure dependable energy storage. We also showcase a diverse range of solar panels from Jinko and JA Solar, meeting varied demands from 300w to 600w panels.

For those embarking on solar installations, we’ve got you covered, from diverse roofing solutions (Tile, IBR, corrugated, Slate) to essential installation components. And while we’re rooted in Alrode, our reach spans the entirety of South Africa, thanks to our partnership with a premier national courier service.

Join us, and be a part of this renewable revolution with PvPower.co.za, as we march forward with an unwavering focus on lighting up every corner of South Africa, laying the foundation for a brighter, more sustainable future.

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