Canada, Shawville

Leah Beardsley-Chamberlain formed POM BOMB through a need for a warm, stylish winter hat while she was living and teaching snowboarding in Mont Tremblant.

Main Services:

Winter Accessories Hats Mitts Ear Muffs Fur Pom Poms


Having been taught to knit by her grandma & great aunt, Leah started knitting hats with XXL POMS in 2005. It has now grown into more than just hats and with multiple women knitting our products.

POM BOMB is a woman-owned business making winter accessories for the young at heart. We believe in creating fashionable products that are both stylish and sustainable. Our collection features genuine FUR POMS, handmade from premium fur clothing. We offer a variety of styles and colors to fit each individual’s personal expression. Our mission is to make others smile with our Explosive in Size POMS.

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