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Permaculture Course Online An independent project by Noosa Forest Retreat

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Permaculture Course Online by Noosa Forest Retreat

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Permaculture Training Online

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Permaculture Course Online

What do you learn with permaculture?
You will learn how to design sustainable homes, gardens, communities, and regenerative permaculture systems.

You will redesign your home and life to live more sustainable and transition towards your sustainable future vision.

You will be guided through every step, with personal support by Ian Trew, a permaculture pioneer and teacher since decades – known to inspire people and change their lives.

The Noosa Forest Retreat Community:
Noosa Forest Retreat is a permaculture community & permaculture education centre, located in Kin Kin, in the lush Sunshine Coast Hinterland, in sunny Queensland, Australia.

Since many years the Noosa Forest Retreat offers Permaculture courses, to be exact, Permaculture Design Certificate courses (PDC courses). is the Permaculture Design Certificate course by Noosa Forest Retreat – brought online.

The project was started by Ian Trew and Konrad Sroka.

We provide permaculture design courses online, along with a learning platform, community of 7,000+ permaculture online students, forums and a community magazine. Learn from a group of inspiring permaculture teachers with many years/decades of experience.

We offer 2 permaculture online courses so far:
1) FREE introduction course to permaculture design
2) Full Permaculture Design Certificate Course

The Permaculture Design Certificate Course Online (Full PDC):
The full PDC course comes with 100+ video lessons, along with lots of text and image material, as well as a few small assignments. And of course, your main project – the permaculture design which you will be creating (not applying the design anything in real life, the course is solely a design course).

Creating Your First Permaculture Design:
You will have created your first permaculture design for a real life property (your own or maybe family member or friend’s property, community property, etc).

Including guidance and feedback by Ian Trew, and a realistic plan on how to transition to this vision!

Internationally Recognised Permaculture Design Certificate:
You will receive the internationally recognised Permaculture Design Certificate upon completion of the course.

Design sustainable systems
This Permaculture design course online will give you the skills to design sustainable systems that provide for all human needs: Nutritious food, water, energy and shelter.

Our Focus: Natural Health & Community Living
Our online Permaculture design course has a unique focus on natural health and community living.

UN Ambassador and Land for Wildlife
The Noosa Forest Retreat is a 160acre property officially registered as Land for Wildlife. The founder of Noosa Forest Retreat has been awarded Ambassador of the Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation, which has been entrusted by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and Noosa Council to protect Noosa’s global status as a Biosphere Reserve.

Latest Knowledge
Learn from Australian permaculture pioneers who have been practicing and teaching Permaculture for over 25 years, having had the privilege knowing many Permaculture pioneers including teaching alongside Bill Mollison. Learn the latest best practises and useful tips and tricks for your everyday life.

This permaculture online course is perfect if you’re interested in:
– Sustainability
– Natural Health
– Growing healthy organic food
– Reducing your footprint and integrating your life-style with nature
– Setting up your property for a self-sufficient life
– Living off-the-grid

Sounds interesting?

More info and FREE introduction course here:

Permaculture Course Online

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