Page Scholar Inc

United States, Detroit, Michigan

Since 2009, JSpell has been providing a comprehensive online spell check service and spell check software solutions for businesses globally.

Main Services:

Free Online Spell Checker, Cloud Based Spell Check API, JSpell Evolution, JSpell Spell Check SDK for Java, JSpell HTML JavaScript Spell Checker, JSpell AI Enhanced Spell Check API

Page Scholar Inc

Our online spell check service has processed millions of requests from users worldwide, operating on a secure global infrastructure powered by Amazon AWS.

JSpell is owned and operated by Page Scholar Inc operating in Southeast Michigan. The JSpell software handles spell checking in English (American, British, Canadian and Australian), as well as Spanish, French, Italian and German. A US English Medical dictionary is also available. The JSpell software SDKs are priced on an annual basis between $500 and $2,000.00 US per year. Our cloud based spell check service is reasonably priced based on usage with plans starting at $30/month.

Utilized by thousands of enterprises and government organizations across the world, JSpell’s spell check SDKs cater to a diverse array of applications. From powering custom content management systems for a leading news network’s multi-petabyte video database to managing traffic signs on highways, JSpell has proven its versatility.

Our spell checker dictionaries are specifically curated for professional settings, effectively eliminating offensive and inappropriate language. Moreover, JSpell’s spell check SDKs offer extensive customization options to address any unique customer requirements. For instance, we have successfully accommodated a government request for spell checking and correcting text exclusively in uppercase. JSpell’s capabilities extend far beyond this, ensuring a comprehensive and adaptable solution for all users.

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