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Hi, John Pastor here, Sydney Adventure Guru and CEO of 24 Hours In Sydney

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Outstanding Results Pty Ltd t/as 24 Hours In Sydney

Hi, John Pastor here, Sydney Adventure Guru and CEO of 24 Hours In Sydney.

I wish I had ten cents for every time CEOs I meet say how can we construct a memorable event that is different from the usual repetitive celebration outlets. You know them well: the harbour cruise, the dinner, the backyard barbecue, the movie or catch a live show. You now have an alternative, the 24 Hours In Sydney tailor-made event.

I work with CEOs to get better team building and team bonding outcomes. I create unique events for businesses using Sydney as the backdrop. What most people fail to realise is that combining magic moments with networking makes for a relaxed team member to client relationship. I do this by designing incredible events that have your team, your clients hailing your intuition that positions you as a genius at the moment.

I have been creating events since I was 16yo. I have created many eventful events in the morning, noon and night. There are many ways to create magic.

I realised there were three main challenges:
1. How can we control the budget?
2. How can we get both team members and clients networking?
3. How can we motivate them to have a bloody good time?

To solve these frustrations, I created from my extensive background:
• 10 different standard walking experiences, in choosing the building blocks that make for an eventful event, in and around Sydney
• Built-in options to add pre-defined budgets for food and drinks plus creating magic moments
• Made sure that you remain in control

I believe every business ought to be committed to maintaining the oral history/story of the greatest city in the world.


Who we are and why choose us?

Locals know best, but passionate locals know even more.

24hours In Sydney (formerly Sydney Urban Adventures) is an award-winning, industry recognised, walking tour experience like no other!

Our guides have provided thousands of guests, from across the globe with experiences about Australia’s greatest city. Most importantly, they provide our guests with something special…. a genuine friendship with a Sydney local.

Our guides provide not just information found books, but personal insights and local knowledge built upon their deep connections with Sydney. In fact, some of the guides have a family history dating back over 240 years! Just don’t call them convicts.

So, what makes 24hours in Sydney outstanding?

1. We are passionate about Sydney’s diverse cultures, natural phenomena, history past and present, delicious food and drink, world-class venues and its international events. We enjoy being tourists ourselves in our own backyard!

2. We are enthusiastic about Sydney. It’s genuine! Our guides simply love showing off their home and making you fall in love with Sydney as well.

3. We are responsible. Our guides ensure our clients feel safe. We also know that through your participation in the tour, you will contribute in a positive way socially, environmentally and economically to the local community. You make Sydney shine as well.

4. We are fun. So many people have written five stars reviews on how they felt on our tours. They got to laugh and learn through humorous stories based on authentic local knowledge. Our guides are smart and witty, warm and friendly and willing to have a great time as well.

5. We go off-script. Our tours are flexible due to the small group sizes, so we do not feel the need to push people along. If you wish to stay longer at a stop, then we do. Need a drink, toilet, rest? No worries. Client comfort is all part of what we do best.

6. We aim high. Our tours aim to be remembered, not forgotten. We strive to go beyond your expectations of an average walking tour. There is no average with us! You will really appreciate that #YouGottaLoveSydney.

Why ‘You Gotta Love Sydney’ became our motto?

We realized that few people know Sydney as well as we do. Our vision is to delight customers. Sydney is the city we love. To maintain that love we deliver the very best customer service and the very best experience. To succeed as a business, we must ensure that our customers are so happy with our service and delivery that they have no choice but to book more ’24 Hours in Sydney’ experiences and that they rave about their experience with their friends and family.

As we say, ‘You Gotta Love Sydney.’

Over 5,000 people have used this insider knowledge.

We are focused on assisting PCOs (Professional Conference Organisers) and businesses looking to do something different in Sydney.

This can be just a simple highlights tour of Sydney or organising memorable teambuilding, networking, sales opportunities, or team bonding sessions in under three hours.

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