Optimal s.c. Warszawa

Poland, Warszawa

OPTIMAL - Professional dehumidification of apartments, houses and buildings Warsaw, the surrounding area and the entire Mazowieckie Province

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Optimal s.c. Warszawa

OPTIMAL – Professional dehumidification of apartments, houses and buildings
Warsaw, the surrounding area and the entire Mazowieckie Province

Comprehensive drying of buildings and apartments with a detailed measurement of the humidity of flooded rooms is the main specialization of OPTIMAL. In addition, we deal with the location of leaks, rental of dehumidifiers, underfloor drying, fumigation and ozonation as well as renovation of flats after flooding. All this, including repairs after flooding, is made at the expense of your Insurer. Our company employs only qualified specialists who are happy to advise what solution to the customer’s problem will be the most effective and cost-effective. For our work, we use proven and professional equipment and tools and we also offer these to our clients if they want to rent the equipment.
OPTIMAL is a company dealing with professional drainage of apartments in and around Warsaw. We provide comprehensive services, so whenever our client’s apartment is flooded, we first repair the cause of the failure. Only by removing the cause of flooding in the room, we are able to achieve the best dehumidification result. The next step taken by our employees is to measure the humidity of flooded rooms and surfaces – walls and floors. If water and moisture have also penetrated under the floor (to the insulating layer), we also measure the humidity under the floor using specialized electrodes. After the measurements have been made, we prepare an initial report together with the analysis of the measurement results, which is honored by the insurers. If the measurements show dampness, we immediately start the process of drying the premises, because each day of delay increases the moisture on subsequent walls and rooms, and also causes the formation of fungus and mold.

If the measurements of humidity under the floor show that water and moisture have penetrated under the floor, the only way to remove them is to perform under-floor drying (insulation layers). As a company with many years of experience, we have specialized equipment to perform this activity, i.e. an underfloor dryer.

Professional location of water leaks in Warsaw and the entire Masovian Voivodeship

The location of leaks in Warsaw is one of the OPTIMAL specialties. As a company that deals with all kinds of works related to drying premises. Our offer includes activities that should be performed before and after drying. One of them is the location of the leak. Which we usually perform at the very beginning of the order. This process is primarily used to eliminate the source of the leak, and thus to stop its unpleasant consequences. Only after locating the leak and repairing the fault, can we proceed to removing the consequences of the failure, i.e. drying the premises.

In our work, we often encounter the fact that apartment owners find out about a leak only when its effects become visible in the form of locally damp walls, floors and visible bubbles arising from high humidity or skirting boards protruding from the walls. In such a situation, only the immediate call of our specialists may result in avoiding the renovation. However, it is worth reporting to us as soon as you notice the first signs of moisture – it will bring much less damage, and thus lower costs.

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