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Here at Help Founders FIX their IDEA's Marketing by Taking Control of it's Communication Foundations in 6 Months, thanks to the OPEN IDEA Methodology.

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Here at Help Founders FIX their IDEA’s Marketing by Taking Control of it’s Communication Foundations in 6 Months, thanks to the OPEN IDEA Methodology. Let me break it down for You:

Either you are starting-up or run an established business or non profit project, You may feel that Your marketing is not working or it’s kind of “broke”.

You know the feeling, You hired and agency or a couple of freelancers, or maybe You just skilled-up and tried Yourself, and things seemed to be working out, till suddenly a new app, a new social network, a new kind of “marketing” or something came out, and what You where doing just stopped working.

So now You have to toss everything and start again from scratch, of course now You have some extra experience on Your side, and as You see many persons in Your same struggle You have accepted that is “kind of normal”. So let me break this false-myth down for You: IS NOT.

I mean, of course technology changes, society enters in a different era and selling techniques evolve. But, not everyone has to start from scratch each time. There are tons of business and non profit organizations, that when a new something comes around just have fun playing with it for a while and then if they see it fits they just add that to their marketing strategy, but they don’t re-start from scratch, they just upgrade their techniques or get some extra tool.

Probably You are wondering how they manage to do that right? Well let me tell You, they are not “better” than You, they don’t have more money than You, or some “special formula”.

The difference between this organizations and Yours, is that when they where starting-up or at a certain moment some years later, they understood there was a better way than keep staying stuck in the “fly and fall marketing loop”.

They discovered the power of COMMUNICATION. That’s the BIG difference, “the magic sauce”, their IDEAs have a strong communication foundation.

They have a great consciousness of what they offer, who they are, what are their audiences struggles, they know exactly which is the “environment” in which they are playing, they know their competitors, their partners and have mapped out their relational network, understanding which are the relations they have to prioritize

And of course thanks to that they managed to create a clear and everlasting core narration and a ready to evolve visual and technical identity. They also unlocked the secret to create an amazing content and engagement plan. And finally they set up an advertising strategy, that may evolve and adapt in a breeze to new channels and apps and techniques.

Long story short they OPENed their IDEAs, developed strong communication foundations and learned how to take control of their communication process and thanks to that they had their marketing fixed.

So what are You waiting for? Go to, start the OPEN IDEA path and FIX Your Marketing thanks to communication.

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