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Australia, Gippsland

Online is Easy: a Digital Strategy Powerhouse

Main Services:

Custom web design for functionality and aesthetics, Actionable digital strategy consultations, Google Workspace setup and support, Business operation automation solutions, Professional domain registration and management, Membership website development services, Targeted digital marketing strategies, Seamless tech and customer support, Optimised SEO and content strategies, Digital management educational workshops

Online is Easy

Online is Easy has carved a unique niche in the digital strategy consultancy and web design landscape since its inception in 2014. Based in Australia, particularly rooted in Gippsland, Victoria (Gunai Kurnai Country), the business caters to small enterprises and individuals, assisting them to gain a competitive edge online. The essence of Online is Easy is enshrined in its commitment to authentic human relationships, ethical practices, and fostering positive client outcomes.

Business Overview:
Online is Easy operates as a multifaceted digital strategy consultancy and web design firm, specialising in an array of services tailored to enhance online visibility and operational efficiency for small businesses. The company’s services encompass web design, digital marketing, business digital automation, domain registration, and Google Workspace support. A cornerstone of its offerings is the membership management website solutions, positioning Online is Easy as an Australian Authorised MembershipWorks Developer.

Distinctive Features:

Customer-Centric Approach: Online is Easy places immense value on authentic human interactions, ensuring that digital solutions are personalised and client-oriented. This approach fosters stronger, trust-based relationships and enables the delivery of solutions that precisely meet client needs.

Ethical and Best Practice Operations: The firm is staunchly committed to ethical practices, steering clear of shortcuts and dubious strategies. This dedication not only builds client trust but also ensures long-term sustainability and compliance with digital standards.

Comprehensive Digital Strategy Solutions: From conceptualisation to execution, Online is Easy offers a holistic suite of services that cover every aspect of online presence and digital operations. This includes domain name services, Google Workspace subscriptions, digital strategy consultations, custom website designs, and dedicated tech and customer support.

Strategic Partnerships: Collaborations with giants like Google Cloud and Squarespace enhance the service quality and reliability, providing clients with top-tier digital tools and platforms.

Interesting Facts:

Founder’s Vision and Expertise: Anthony L Mayer’s business background combined with his personalised, visionary approach have been pivotal in shaping the company’s ethos and service palette. Their entrepreneurial journey, imbued with a passion for digital innovation and a commitment to ethical business practices, reflects in every facet of Online is Easy’s operations.

Client-Centric Journeys: Online is Easy has meticulously crafted key customer journeys, ensuring a seamless and intuitive process from the initial engagement to the final solution delivery. This systematic approach enhances the client experience and efficiency of service delivery.

Local Roots with a Global Outlook: While deeply rooted in Gippsland, Victoria (Gunai Kurnai Country), Online is Easy has a broad perspective, catering to a diverse clientele across Australia. This blend of local understanding and global standards ensures that clients receive services that are both locally relevant and internationally competitive.

Educational and Supportive Resources: Apart from direct services, Online is Easy provides educational resources and support, empowering clients to understand and manage their digital assets effectively. This educational approach demystifies digital strategies, fostering client independence and confidence.

Innovation and Adaptation: In the dynamic field of digital marketing and web design, Online is Easy stays ahead of the curve, continually updating and innovating its offerings to match the evolving digital landscape. This forward-thinking approach ensures clients receive the most current and effective solutions.


Domain Name Registration and Transfer: Online is Easy provides comprehensive services for domain name registration and transfer, simplifying what can often be a complex and confusing process for clients. Online is Easy are a member of auDA and are a champion for the .au name space for Ausiie businesses.

Google Workspace Subscriptions and Services: Leveraging its partnership with Google Cloud, the company offers Google Workspace subscriptions and services, enabling clients to enhance productivity and collaboration.

Digital Strategy Consultation: Tailored consultations help clients identify their digital strategy needs, outlining clear, actionable plans to enhance their online presence and operational efficiency.

Custom Website Design Services: With a focus on aesthetics, functionality, and user experience, Online is Easy creates bespoke websites that reflect the client’s brand and meet their specific needs.

Tech & Customer Support: Ongoing support ensures that clients can navigate digital challenges and maintain optimal website performance.

Online is Easy stands out in the digital strategy and web design industry through its commitment to ethical practices, client-centred solutions, and comprehensive digital offerings. The firm’s approach, rooted in authentic relationships and best practice, coupled with its innovative and educational ethos, makes it a trusted partner for small businesses and individuals looking to make their mark online. With a blend of local insight and global standards, Online is Easy is not just a service provider but a digital ally, propelling clients towards sustainable online success.

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