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Main Services: is a dynamic start-up based in Cambridge, UK, specializing in providing high-quality 3D printer parts at affordable prices. With a commitment to excellence, they cater to both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers in the world of 3D printing.

The Origins of
Founded during the Covid pandemic in 2020, emerged as a response to the growing demand for reliable and top-notch printer components and their restricted availability on the UK market (mainly caused by Brexit trade restrictions and supply issues due to Covid). Their mission? To empower makers, tinkerers, and creators by offering exceptional products that enhance the 3D printing experience.

Product Range are offering 3D Printer Parts for Voron and Beyond

You’ll find an extensive selection of components designed to elevate your 3D printing projects. Whether you’re assembling a Voron printer or exploring other models (i.e VzBot, Annex, etc), they’ve got you covered. Here are some popular offerings:
– LDO Voron printer kits and components (i.e stepper motors, linear rails, etc.)
– Bigtreetech 3D printer parts
– Bondtech extruders and nozzles
– Linneo PC panels and cable harnesses

The website has a great feature which adds a table view of the Vorondesign BOMs for all Voron printers and links them to the right products in the shop, shopping for your Voron printer has never been easier.

Global Shipping and Superb Service ships worldwide, bridging geographical gaps to reach 3D printing enthusiasts everywhere. Their commitment to customer satisfaction shines through their excellent service. Whether you have questions or need assistance, their team is responsive and knowledgeable.

Customer Testimonials
The heart of any business lies in its customers’ experiences. OneTwo3D has a 4.9* rating on Trustpilot and Google.

Let’s hear from some satisfied patrons:
Justin A: “Great products as always but even better customer service. Jan was replying to queries outside of normal business hours and very quick to resolve a minor issue I had.”
Elliott C: “Always a good service from these guys, products are sent our super fast and the support is amazing.”
Jesper M: “Quick, reliable, and helpful.”
R W: “One of the best store in the UK for custom DIY printer parts, the seller is extreamly nice always give great customer support”
Stefan: “Great as always!”
Caolan O: “Very good store, parts are good quality, and shipping rates are very reasonable.”
Zen O: “Super fast efficient service.”
Richard K: “Always great fast service.”

Conclusion exemplify innovation, quality, and customer-centricity. Whether you’re a seasoned maker or a curious beginner, explore their offerings and embark on your 3D printing journey with confidence.

Remember, in the world of 3D printing, precision matters—one layer at a time, just like the meticulous assembly of a Voron printer.

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