Omni Medical and Surgical Esthetics

Canada, Regina

Regina liposuction and hair transplant in collaboration with Omni Medical and Surgical Esthetics provides Liposuction with Body tite and Morpheus 8, VASER liposuction, FUE hair transplant with Neograft scarless surgery, Platelet rich plasma, Sonetics infra red light laser and microneedling for hair loss.

Main Services:

Bodytite Radio Frequency assisted liposuction, Vaser liposuction, Hair loss treatments like platelet rich plasma, Sonetics laser, micro needling,Botox, HA fillers for facial lines, FUE\/ Neograft hair Transplant, Laser services, VASER liposuction, FUE follicular Unit Har Transplant with Neograft, Platelet rich plasma for face and hair loss, Sonetics infra red laser with micro needling for hair loss, Botox and fillers fro facial lines, Laser services for hair removal, IPL, Urine incontinence, Bodytite liposuction\/ lipo sculpting, Cosmetic mole\/ lesion removal with laser or surgery, Snoring treatment with laser (Nightlase), Skin resurfacing with Fotona laser

Omni Medical and Surgical Esthetics

Laser treatments with Fotona state of the art 4th generation laser, Lumecca IPL, Hair removal, Morpheus 8 and Forma radio frequency treatment. We also offer cosmetic mole removal with laser or surgery. Spider veins laser treatment or injection sclerotherapy is also offered bu our trained staff.

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