O’Malley Musical Instruments

United States, Douglas

O'Malley Musical Instruments is a one stop provider for musical instruments , including brass winds, wood winds, percussion, keyboards and accessories.

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United States, europe

O’Malley Musical Instruments

Featuring all of the top brands, including Conn-Selmer, Meinl, Pearl percussion, John Packer Musical Instruments, Mapex, Majestic Mallets, Jupiter Instruments, Michael Rath Trombones, Adams Marching Brass, Eastman Winds, King Sousaphones, Willson Brass, Backun Clarinets, Haynes Flutes, CarolBrass, Buffet-Crampon, and the full line of O’Malley. Located in Douglas ,Georgia 31533 USA. We supply school bands, university music departments and professional musicians all over the U.S. and globally. Professional consultants with many years of experience to help guide you in a perfect selection. 912-381-6047 info@omalleymusicalinstruments.com

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