Numb Skull Designs

United States, Bloomington

Numb Skull Designs is a Minnesota apparel company. At the current time our store offers mostly t-shirts that are nostalgic referencing the '80s and early '90s.

Main Services:

apparel, t-shirts,entertainment,'80s, motocross, professional wrestling, family, hats

Numb Skull Designs

We also offer hats and are soon to have more products offered. I talk about enjoying music, motocross, and family. Numb Skull Designs is a print-on-demand type e-commerce store. I sell through Shopify and Etsy. It’s also fun to share on social media how my 21-year-old daughter is a professional wrestler for AEW. At such a young age, she is living her dream of getting on TV and, at times, trending on Twitter. My designs are mostly my own creation, but I do offer some designs purchased through third parties that sell t-shirt templates. The website and t-shirts are a way for me to express creativity and work on my own personal mental health.

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"Following list to check off. Guidance. Affordable. User interface. My biggest issue is my motivation, but I love DiiB!"

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