Not Entirely Average, LLC

United States, Charleston

Not Entirely Average is a Southern food blog authored by a displaced Yankee who made her move from New Jersey to South Carolina over 20 years ago.

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recipes, local history and lore, kitchen products, cooking ingredients I use and recommend, shortcut and cheater baking

Not Entirely Average, LLC

That displaced Yankee is me, Jenny. When I arrived in my new city of Charleston, South Carolina in 2005, I made friends with some locals who were kind enough (and patient enough!) to take me under their wings. I observed coastal life and ocean recreation, something I did not grow up with in New Jersey. We spent a lot of time on boats and venturing off to tiny barrier islands to spend our days cooking on a beach and exploring nature. I made attempts at southern cooking but had LOTS of epic fails. One day, I decided I wasn’t going to continue to only enjoy southern cooking when I was among friends, but also when I was at home and cooking everyday meals for my family. A Yankee’s bid at Southern eats became my motto, and Not Entirely Average was born. Not every recipe is a hit, so just the good ones get published, but I sure do have fun attempting all of them. I also really get into the history of food and what dishes were historically prepared by different groups that called these sea islands home. My self-schooling has been fascinating to say the least.

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