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Norbert’s Photography

Norbert’s Photography lets you bring beautiful Fine Art Photographic Images of Nature to your home or office. Norbert’s Photography focuses on capturing some of the memorable and beautiful natural beauty that touches and inspires our lives. Images range from famous locations in National Parks to beautiful Sunsets on Pacific Coastline or Hawaiian Beaches to Nightscapes that include both Nature and some beauty created by man. As cameras will always face technical limitations and challenges, Norbert’s Photography tries to capture what the incredible human eye perceives and the emotion we experienced and remember at the time the photograph was taken.

All images on were captured by Norbert Daberko. His formal education and profession is Electrical Engineering and the development of medical, commercial and consumer electronic products. This, however, has complimented by a lifelong passion for photography. His father exposed him to still and movie cameras, tripods, studio lighting and other photographic gear throughout his childhood. Watching his father photographing landscapes and family pictures while he was young kicked off his interest in photography. His father helped him learn the basics of photography, and in high school, gave him a Minolta SRT-102 SLR 35mm film camera. This basically manual camera was start of his photographic journey. Although his photographic interests are broad and engages in many types of photography, his passion remains landscape photography. His deep technical understanding of photography, newer digital cameras and photographic software enables him to capture stunning images that match our perceptions. We all have point-n-shoot or mobile phones with cameras, but they often do not capture images reflecting what we saw with the color fidelity and detail that we remember and expect of Fine Art Photography. Even professional cameras have limitations (such as dynamic range, distortion, depth of field) that in some capabilities, fall short of the human eye. Those limitations must be overcome to accurately capture and print a 2-D image that reflects what we saw in the real world. Norbert’s Photography is about capturing images at a level of quality and fidelity that brings an emotional experience and comes as close as possible to what we saw. Of particular interest is realistically capturing the natural beauty of the world we live in.

For years people have admired his photography, and Norbert’s Photography is about making some of his work available to display in your home, business, or office. The Norbert’s Photography website is composed of a multitude of images that are organized into Galleries such as Mountains and Lakes, Waterfalls, Hawaii, Desert, Beach & Surf, Nightscapes, Wildlife, Sunset & Sunrise, and Wildflowers & Fall Colors. Additionally, he also has images of the Milky Way, colorful fireworks and brilliantly lit County Fairs. An on-line store makes purchasing prints easy. All images are captured with professional high-resolution digital camera equipment and lend themselves to beautiful Fine Art enlargements printed on Metal, Acrylic, Canvas or Photographic Paper.

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