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Our sunglasses are rubbish! No, really, they are! All of our sunglasses are made from 100% recycled ocean waste.

At Nomad Eyewear we’re happily disrupting the status quo because we believe that sunglasses should neither cost the earth, nor damage it. Our affordable recycled plastic sunglasses are collected from oceans and redesigned for style. The frames are made with zero single-use plastic and our premium polarised lenses offer maximum UV protection. We also plant 5 mangrove trees for every pair sold thanks to our partnership with the amazing Eden Reforestation Projects.

Our sunglasses are bright, colourful and designed for better adventures. They’re perfect for those people that love the great outdoors and aren’t afraid to add a splash of colour to their lives.

As well as amazing adult sunglasses, we also offer kids sunglasses in a whole bunch of cool colours. Some are modelled on our best selling adult pairs (so yes, you can match the little ones on your next adventure) and some are totally unique kiddie-only colours.

We also create blue light glasses to protect the digital generation when scrolling on devices or spending long days staring at screens. What is Blue Light? Blue Light is a portion of the light wavelength that can be seen by the naked eye and is considered damaging. All digital screens emit this damaging blue light and studies have shown that over exposure to blue light may be linked to eye strain, sleep deprivation, head aches and lack of focus. Our Blue Light glasses are designed to block this harmful blue light reducing headaches, blurred vision and giving you a better night sleep. They are non-prescription glasses designed for people who work on computers or scroll on their phone for extended periods of time.

We also offer snow goggles for those that prefer to shred it up on the slopes than laying on a beach. Made from a combination of recycled plastic and eco-friendly materials, available in a variety of bright and fun colours, our snow goggles will have you carving up the mountain in style.

So who is Nomad? We’re Idana & Tom, founders of Nomad Eyewear. It all started on a family holiday (remember when we could do them?) in Cape Verde. When our son, 3 at the time, thought it would be hilarious to break Tom’s £100+ Oakley sunglasses. On that same trip we witnessed crazy amounts of plastic pollution washed up on the once pristine beaches. Reluctant to buy another pair of expensive sunglasses, and after a few beers, a crazy idea was formed – what if we took plastic from the ocean and turned it into sunglasses? And just like that, the idea for Nomad Eyewear was born.

Nearly 2 years later and after many late nights researching, we found a manufacturer who aligned with our vision. We cancelled our upcoming wedding, took the savings and placed our first order. In the middle of the U.K.s first Covid lockdown we launched Nomad Eyewear from our spare bedroom. It was just the two of us, a website and some super sustainable sunglasses. We had no idea what would happen…

…but we were blown away by the response! We sold out of our Blueberry Muffin sunglasses in a week (and to this day they’re still our No.1 best seller)! We’ve now moved out of our spare bedroom and into a slightly larger space and we employ a few awesome people. But at our core, we’re still a family run business that cares more about sunglasses, our customers, good times and protecting the planet than we do profits and bottom lines.

Our sunglasses are rubbish! No, really, they are!

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