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NOLA Door Refinishing

NOLA Door Refinishing specializes in door refinishing services in the New Orleans area. Most of our competitors use only one coat of varnish and charge extra for each additional layers of varnish. We use a standard 3 coats of high quality Spar Marine Grade Varnish on every one of our doors, it’s not an add on. This will ensure a much longer lasting finish, even in our brutal southern climate. One coat of varnish provide virtually no UV protection!

We never use polyurethane for wood doors in the New Orleans area. Polyurethane is rigid. As the wood door swells, expands and contracts with the temperature changes, the polyurethane cracks. These cracks, even microcracks, allow moisture to penetrate the door reaching the wood, which damages the wood underneath.

Spar marine grade varnish is more expensive but a far superior product. It is flexible and will bend as the door swells and contracts with temperature changes. It also offers an excellent UV protection. But again the number of layers of varnish matter. This is not the time to skimp! A little extra effort now will go a long way to keeping your door look great longer.

We sand the door to bare wood, apply stain to match the current color or change it to the owner’s preference, and then apply three layers of spar marine grade varnish. Our process takes three days because we have to allow each coat to cure. Again, this is a vital step to the door restoration.

Customer’s tell us all the time that they restain their front door every 6 months. This should never be the case! A good door refinishing should last at least 1.5 to 2 years, regardless of the sun exposure.

Call us before you replace your exterior door. Don’t replace your door, restore it. You’ll be amazed what we can do at a fraction of the cost for a new door! We work on wood garage door restorations, wood door refinishing, and door painting. We also work with a fabulous stain glass repair company by removing and transporting the stain glass for repair, securing the door while the stain glass is repaired. We believe that we are the best door refinishers in New Orleans.

Servicing New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner, River Ridge, Laplace, Harahan and Westbank. Call or text 504-616-3693 for an estimate!

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