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Nitescape Astrophotography

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NiteScape Astrophotography
About the artist

NiteScape Astrophotography was launched in 2020 during the time that the comet Neowise was making its approach to Earth.
I fell into the classic trap of trying to buy a subpar telescope. And by that, I mean, cheap.
It was apparent that I did not know what I was doing as I could not locate the moon, never mind a small comet in the night sky.
I did a lot of research on the internet and ended up buying the first of my four telescopes.
For over a year, I toiled trying to learn how to use a telescope, align the mount for the telescope, use a variety of cameras attached to the telescope and finally being able to combine all my photos into one master deep sky image.
While I was learning these skills, I also spent many months learning how to process the data in my photo software to get the best, most clear image possible.
After sharing my work with family and friends online, I was asked to sell some to an acquaintance of mine. It was at this time, that the idea of NiteScape Astrophotography was born.

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