Nicole Roberts Ryder

United Kingdom

Nicole Roberts Ryder is an actor, director, writer and musician

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acting, directing, writing, proofreading, editing, scriptwriting, acting coaching

Nicole Roberts Ryder

Nicole Roberts Ryder is an actor, director, writer and musician. She began not just as a portfolio of her creative exploits, but as an offering to those within the creative arts who have struggled with their health and wellbeing while trying to do what they love.

She has spent the last few years healing her gut after a diagnosis of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)- the least glamorous of the syndromes. Nicole believes in removing the stigma by talking about it and In doing so has found other, mainly female voices describing many of the same experiences. But not just that.

A freelance life in the arts is tough at the best of times, whether we’re isolated and staring at a blank screen waiting for that inspiration to strike or we’re putting ourselves up for every audition for which we can reasonably fit the brief, it’s exhausting. Also? We’re not 22 anymore. It used to be easier, it used to be more fulfilling, we used to be able to put on our shoes without making that noise when we bend down. Life happens; we lose people. We get older.

But we still want that space to be creative, we still want to be a part of the world that drew us in when we were in our 20s. We want to feel like there is space for us, without self-doubt, imposter syndrome, or others questioning our introvert confidence. We want to feel less stressed and be more creative, but we don’t want to give up our entire lives to do it.

The fact is, we’ve always needed that balance, it’s just that now we can give ourselves permission to stop and take better care of ourselves without fear of losing time or getting lost in the crowd. it often seems like we’re becoming more and more invisible the older we get but there is space for all of us. The experiences of people in their middle years are absolutely valid. Even if it may not be as easy as it used to be.

We often bulldoze through our lives desperate to achieve something before it’s “too late” and end up missing so much of the beauty around us. It’s not good for our mental wellbeing or our physical health. Nicole’s blog talks about all of these things in a frank and humorous way.

She’s still looking for a real diagnosis (because what does IBS mean anyway?) but she has focused on turning a condition that was crippling into something livable while finding ways to make a creative life work for her in a healthy, balanced way.

Head over to to read about life as an actor, director and writer. Also featuring tips on coping with chronic illnesses like IBS, Rosacea and all the little niggles we complain about that make us feel like we just can’t do it anymore.

Nicole trained at Rose Bruford College and the London School of Dramatic Art and she has a Master in Music from Kingston University. Get in touch for coaching, services or general pep talks and a cuppa.

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