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NFT News Today is a dedicated media company focused on documenting the adoption of NFTs. Based in the UK, we work with a global team of worldwide professionals and leaders in the NFT space.

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At NFT News Today, we’re aiming to build a legacy in news and content creation. We work night and day to leave no stone unturned in the NFT, gaming, and metaverse industries.

We have an unwavering confidence in NFTs and their far-reaching, positive impact on the digital and physical world. It is our belief that NFTs have, and will continue to, spark innovation, creativity, and empowerment in our society and culture.

We won’t rest until we’re the best at what we do – delivering cutting-edge news and insights into the latest NFT, gaming, and metaverse projects, trends and stories.

Over our first two years, we’ve grown to become a leader in curated NFT news. Our ultimate goal is to truly impact the NFT space and become ambassadors for the technology.

What is more, we will be launching our own podcast channel and hosting a series of networking events in Q3 2022, as we ramp up our community-building and seek ways to unearth and expose the brilliance which exists in this realm.
At NFT News Today, we are at the forefront of the Web3 revolution, which is taking us towards a more decentralized internet era. We have positioned ourselves at the frontline and will uncover all the relevant projects and the people behind them, who are leading the charge and taking us towards a more permissionless digital world.

As experienced artists, creators, project managers, developers, writers, and of course, Web3 investors, we’re coming from a passionate perspective and our ultimate goal is to be a major contributor to a healthy, thriving Web3 ecosystem.

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