Next Level Rehab

United States, Asheville

Mobile, outpatient physical therapy business

Main Services:

Physical Therapy , Rehabilitation , Exoskeleton Therapy , Exercise Therapy , Indego Personal Screening , Special Event Services

Next Level Rehab

Next Level Rehab LLC is a mobile, outpatient physical therapy business specializing in using the robotic Indego Exoskeleton to improve our clients’ personal mobility. We offer exoskeleton-centered exercise services that enable people with paralysis and muscle weakness to stand and walk preventing the development of secondary health complications. Clinical data demonstrate that people with paralysis who use an exoskeleton experience significant improvements to heart and lung function, bowel and bladder function, flexibility, spasticity, pain, sleep, mood, and quality of life.

We also offer exoskeleton-centered rehabilitation services for people who have had a stroke, traumatic brain injury, or a neuromuscular disorder like Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy and Cerebral Palsy. The benefits include increased walking speeds, endurance, balance, step symmetry, and confidence while walking. Some people may be able to wean from using an assistive device while walking. These results are backed by clinical research and can be life changing.

Additionally, we offer Special Event Services allowing someone with paralysis to use the exoskeleton to stand and walk at a special event like a wedding, graduation, or corporate event.

Veterans or people with workers compensation benefits may be eligible to receive a Personal Indego exoskeleton and all required training at no cost. We offer a Personal Exoskeleton program to screen and train clients that can make use of those benefits.

As a mobile business, we have ultimate flexibility in where we provide our services. Initial sessions are held at a local health club. Subsequent sessions are held in the community or in the client’s home. Conducting sessions in the community allows our clients to enjoy the outdoors and family and friends get to watch and cheer our clients on. This combination is fun, exciting, and empowering.

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