New Insights Life Coach Training

South Africa, Cape Town

New Insights is an international life coach training institute that specialises in training people, who feel drawn to work with and uplift other people, to become professional life coaches.

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New Insights Life Coach Training

New Insights operates two sister companies, one based in the UK (where it was originally founded in 2003) and one in South Africa (where it was established in 2007).

The institute offers comprehensive, high quality, yet affordable life coach certification training. Although promoted mainly in the UK and South Africa, the training is available to anyone in the world. The training programme is written in English and is delivered using a hybrid approach that combines the practicality of home study learning with the convenience of online facilities and support.

The broad based certification programme exposes trainees to extensive life coaching knowledge and a wide range of coaching concepts, tools, and techniques. The programme requires trainees to demonstrate their understanding of the theory through various assignments and a final exam. Trainees are also required to show proficiency in the application of that knowledge, evidenced by more than 50 hours of practice coaching.

New Insights has gathered a large number of impressive testimonials and reviews, some of which are displayed in written and video format on its websites. New Insights certified coaches talk of having progressed through a truly transformational experience, with learning that is in depth, practicals that are suitably challenging, and support that is both prompt and caring.

The New Insights Life Coach Training and Certification Programme is locally and internationally accredited by various coach representative bodies, such as COMENSA in South Africa, the ACCPH in the UK and the ICR, an international body based in the Netherlands. New Insights also carries the CPD Standards Office accreditation that provides an assurance of high quality training.

New Insights is unique in offering a proven, 15-session Life Coaching System structured around a proprietary life coaching model called INSIGHTS. Through the System and the INSIGHTS model, trainees are exposed to coaching of a transformational nature, that takes place over a period of around seven months. In addition, trainees are expected to learn how to provide coaching of a more transactional, or less structured nature, using publicly available coaching models such as GROW and FUEL.

New Insights states that its mission is to bring greater personal freedom, self-confidence, and growth to people from all walks of life, through an international network of well trained, committed, and passionate life coaches.

The institute is headed up by British/South African national, Bill Burridge, who describes his purpose as being, simply: “To motivate and inspire people”. Bill spent 27 years in corporate life, most of it with a London headquartered multinational, before striking out on his own to establish New Insights Africa and, five years later, take over the running of New Insights UK.

One can read more about New Insights Africa and New Insights UK on their respective websites, and

New Insights runs an award winning blog titled New Insights On Life ( with hundreds of personal development themed articles, many with podcast alternatives.

The New Insights Online ( website houses the institute’s online introductory course, New Insights Life Coaching 101. When asked about it, Bill Burridge offered the following: “This course is for aspirant life coaches who are curious but a little unsure and just want to dip their toes in the water before diving in deeply.” Life Coaching 101 offers students a broad but basic grounding in life coaching and help with deciding whether to take a step up and invest in the full life coach certification programme.

New Insights is considered by many to be at the forefront of excellence in life coach training. It clearly sets high standards but, with its principled approach to marketing, remains somewhat underrated.

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