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Mouth protection is rarely at the forefront of peoples minds unless you’re a parent responsible for a child playing sport, or a dental clinician who has seen the damage caused because of underperforming mouthguards or worse, no mouthguard at all.

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Neomorph Mouthguards

Our founder is both. A mum of 2 and a dental hygienist of 30+ years.

Like many parents & dental professionals, she had concerns with the bulkiness and poor fit of store bought mouthguards and while she believed that professionally made mouthguards provide good protection, she was acutely aware that this style of guard is not the most practical option for everyone.

The research tells us that the majority of people that wear a mouthguard, wear an over-the-counter style of guard for a variety of reasons, not least of all, orthodontics, convenience, price-point and last minute purchase. These sportspeople and/or their carers ideally seek a convenient, less expensive, alternate to the “in-chair” dental made guard yet are often confronted with a bulky, loose-fitting guard that makes it difficult for an athlete to talk, breathe and perform at their best. The consequence is that these guards spend most of the game either being “chewed on” or in their athletes sock!

It was time to shift our thinking. If we truly wanted athletes to wear protective mouthguards then we needed to develop a mouldable alternate to the dental made mouthguard. A no-compromise mouthguard to meet everyones criteria – the athletes, the parents and the clinicians.

NeoMorph Mouthguards evolved from this concept and our commitment to this “duty of care” has ensured our vision was never compromised. As a dental clinician our founder does not take for granted the trust that people place in us when they provide or wear our mouthguard, she is aware it is a privileged position and a responsibility that she takes very seriously.

After 4 years of testing, refinement, and trials we have proudly introduced the NeoMorph Prodigy Mouthguard and encourage any sportsperson that had given up on mouldable mouthguards to take a leap of faith and experience the difference.
The Neomorph Mouthguard is a 3.5mm, triple layered, re-mouldable mouthguard that has the capability to not only absorb but disperse impact energy to protect for a broader range of impacts.
Our choice of materials and the way we have interlocked them so they work together has provided the formula for a mouldable mouthguard
that is more custom fitting, comfortable and protective than what is currently available.

At the centre of Neomorph is NCore®, (represented here as the blue layer).
This is a 1mm temperature-sensitive layer that is super mouldable
When heated NCore moulds firmly around teeth to form a secure custom fit.

When its cooled it sets to hold that custom fit in place and becomes a semi-rigid, non-compressible structure, to disperse impact energy which means that when a person receives a blow to the mouth,
NCore will help to spreadthe impact energy throughout the mouthguard and away from the immediate underlying teeth.
It is this central layer that gives Neomorph its superior custom fit & protective benefits and the difference between Neomorph other re-mouldable mouthguards.

The outer layer (that surrounds NCore) is made from the same EVA material as we use for professionally made mouthguards
This ticks all our other practical boxes.
It offers a comfortable liner for teeth and lips, cushioning to absorb impact energy, a barrier to prevent attachment to braces, and a bite pad to help in protection for tooth on tooth impacts.

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