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Nebula Research

Nebula Research is a new type of Research Bureau. We are a not for profit company located in the UK, but with a global reach.

With a number of academic and business professionals, the organisation aims to provide the latest research to enable the global public sector to benefit from groundbreaking research and discovery.

All our research is provided completely free of charge to public sector organisations and aims to improve the outcomes for citizens across the globe.

Our founders are both professors and have spent a lifetime dedicated to the implementation of academic theory in working practices. Both founders have run successful businesses for many years, and both have deep commercial experience.

They also both work as lecturers in their spare time.

We understand that our team are the greatest asset to our business. With academic rigour and a deep understanding of their specialist fields, our team members ensure that all research is accurate and trustworthy. We are proud to have some of the most highly respected researchers on our team and have formalised relationships with academic institutions to benefit from the next generation of top researchers.

Our experts come from many fields and include both lifetime academics and business professionals with a strong understanding of academic theory. All the members that have joined this team were carefully selected based on their subject specialism and an alignment to our core values.

As well as our core team of specialists, often we utilise our wider team of associate researchers for larger programmes. These associates are hand-picked by our professors for specific research programmes. They are given full credit in publications where they are contributors.

All our research is published in full on our website, and will always be made freely available here (excluding any private research conducted for clients). The copyright of all research remains with Nebula Research at all times.

Our Mission is to enhance the opportunities available to the public sector and to ensure the best citizen outcomes through research and the application of academic theory in practice. We seek to develop high-quality research by fostering ideas into realisation to increase the total sum of knowledge for all.

Nebula Research has a simple vision – to be pioneers in research practice. By incorporating real-world practice into our research, we will continue to lead organisations and individuals towards discoveries that enable real change to be implemented for the overall good of citizens right across the globe.

We have also launched an exciting new programme to support our Future Researchers. For this programme, students in their A-Level/IB years are able to work on a research assignment with one of our professors. The students are taught academic theory and will publish a new piece of academic research by the end of the programme. This is to help the students understand the rigours of academic authoring.

Our partnerships with Strategic Discourse ( and Apsley Business School ( help to further ensure that the business needs and academic theory are considered in all our work.

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