Natural Common Scents

New Zealand, Auckland

Natural Common Scents is the creation of it's founders, Sandra and Mickey who were finding things to do during the first pandemic lockdown.

Main Services:

Natural skincare and gift pack for mums and babies, natural dog shampoos, healing balms and sunscreen, natural horse shampoos, healing sprays and gels, general chemical free skincare, natural muscle rub, manuka and kawakawa healing balm, tattoo balm

Natural Common Scents

Mickey had been making castile soap for another company, whilst Sandra was making gifts and little things out of essential oils for friends and markets.
It seemed silly to be doing a similar thing, in the same house, by ourselves. So we decided to join forces and Natural Common Scents was born.
Everything we make is handmade from scratch using local and organic ingredients when possible. Our tagline is ‘Made with 100% love and 0% chemicals’. Our products help you live everyday full of life, not chemicals.
What sets us apart from local and international competitors is that we base all of our natural soap and shampoo products is the handmade castile soap. We believe we are the only business in New Zealand that does this.
Castile soap is made from a mixture of olive oil and coconut oil. It is heated in a honey melter, and then it goes through a process called saponification using potassium hydroxide. Don’t worry, once this process is finished, no trace of potassium hydroxide remains.
It then turns into a solid, clear gel like substance which is then diluted with ultra-distilled water to ensure it remains pure and clear without trace elements from tap water. This is our premium quality product. It is then used as an ingredient in many of our other products.
We have various ranges of products, skincare for mums and babies, including gift packs, we do a dog shampoo and balm range which is hugely popular, a horse range and a general skincare range which is suitable for almost everyone – babies don’t need deodorant!!
Our best selling product is Boob-ease, a natural nipple cream for breast feeding mums. We supply a local charity with this to be included in packs for new mums in vulnerable situations. We are proud to say, that we have supplied this in the thousands to them over the past 2 years and continue to do so.
We also contract manufacture for other natural product companies making natural deodorants and face creams, natural dog shampoos and balms, natural horse shampoos, healing sprays and gels and we are always open to conversations with other companies about other manufacturing opportunities.

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