National Certification Board for Child Welfare Professionals

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Whether you are a child welfare professional, an organization, or an entire system of care.

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Child Welfare Credentials, Certified Child Welfare Supervisor, Certified Child Welfare Case Manager, Certified Child Welfare Protective Investigator, Certified Child Welfare Licensing Counselor, Certified Child Advocate Manager, Certified Child Welfare Professional Resources, National scopes of service for five disciplines in the field of child welfare, Employers: Elevate the public\u2019s view of your organization\u2019s commitment to protect children and families., Individuals: Demonstrate your commitment to your field as CERTIFIED child welfare professional

National Certification Board for Child Welfare Professionals

National Certification Board for Child Welfare Professionals offers a multi-tiered platform for professional certification that is based on nationally-established competencies and standards. Earning one of our credentials validates professional competence, demonstrates a commitment to safe and quality care, and inspires public trust through adherence to the highest standards of care for Child Welfare Professionals.

We bring the first national professional certification to enhance, elevate and advance the child welfare workforce. Its mission is to protect children and families in the child welfare system by systematically establishing, promoting, and disseminating professional standards of practice, as well as regulating our certified workforce. A menu of service and technical assistance options for organizations and state systems of care are available.

About the founder:
The Florida Certification Board began as a grass-roots movement in human services professions. Employers wanted to ensure their employees possessed the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to safely and competently serve people in need. Over the last 30 years the FCB has expanded tremendously and is the state’s premier non-profit organization that protects the health, safety and welfare of Florida’s most vulnerable residents by certifying and regulating the professionals who serve them.

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