Nathan Cassar: Master of Ceremonies

Australia, Sydney

World-Class Live Entertainer and Event Host

Main Services:

Wedding MC , Corporate MC , Special Events MC , Wedding Entertainer , Corporate Speaker , Public Speaker , Wedding Host , Corporate Host , Special Event Host , Entertainment Host

Nathan Cassar: Master of Ceremonies

The MC To SEE From The SEA

Nathan Cassar, Master of Ceremonies Sydney is a World-Class Live Entertainer and Event Host. Specialising as a Wedding MC, Corporate MC, and Special Events MC, Nathan delivers a dynamic and unique MC experience that your guests will never forget!

One thing is certain: he is NOT your average MC and live entertainer.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Nathan Cassar delivers an impactful hosting experience like never before. With 10+ years on the microphone and 1000s of lasting memories with audiences around the world, his standout mix of professional experience, humour, and dynamism will always leave guests wanting more.

From humble beginnings as a high school competitive public speaker to Cruise Director for Princess Cruises, delivering an unforgettable entertainment experience is his sincere creed and passion. One of Nathan’s greatest strengths is his ability to adapt and flourish in all audiences, venues, and settings, in part due to his stellar and widely acclaimed career at sea as a live Entertainment Host.

Whether it’s in front of a crowd or on a screen, Nathan always aims to leave an impression on an audience through heartfelt, passionate delivery coupled with humourous storytelling and a down-to-earth personality that is extremely relatable and fun.

“There are a LOT of what I like to call “Professional Announcers of Information” who can hold a microphone but fail to truly capture an audience or deliver an impactful entertainment experience. That is what I go for: the truly unique, wholly engaging moment that lasts LONG after the event is over.”

Nathan is determined to become one of the most sought-after Master of Ceremonies/Entertainer, and public figure in Australia. Whether it is at a wedding, corporate event, or special event, Nathan whole-heartedly believes that “making people smile and enjoy themselves is a true passion of mine.”

Weddings in particular hold a special place in his heart, planning to become a marriage celebrant in 2022.
“To have the honour and privilege of guiding loving couples through the marriage process and being an integral part of their wedding day is extremely special to me.”

His passion is people and his aim is simple: He wants you to stress less and celebrate more.

Here’s what Nathan brings to your event:
• Master of ceremonies/hosting of your wedding/event for the entire reception, from beginning to end.
• Live announcements and live event management
• Unique improvisational entertainment options including games, dancing, and comedy
• Collaborate with client and vendors prior to and during the wedding/event for planning and coordination
• Unlimited one-on-one consults (in-person/video) prior to the wedding/event

What will impress you about Nathan:
• His personalised service – He has lots of great ideas to share with you
• Nathan knows how to work a crowd and will keep your guests entertained for the duration of your wedding. You’ll be blown away by his genuine and humorous approach to hosting, as well as his timeliness and professionalism
• His confidence and expertise will make you feel totally at ease on your wedding day
From his time at sea with Princess Cruises, Nathan’s unique background is also a treasure-trove of stories and experiences. When you spend as much time at sea aboard a Cruise Ship as he has, you can imagine he has a story (or 10!) and loves sharing them to anyone with an ear for tales of far-off lands, wide open seas, and below-deck exposes.

Prior to debuting on stage earlier in life, he was the creator of the “It’s Not Cool To Be Cruel!!” Anti-Bullying Program, sponsored by the West Tigers and Enough is Enough Anti-Violence Movement in my high school years. A victim of bullying himself as a child, Nathan is a passionate anti-bullying advocate and hopes building his presence as a public figure in Australia will give him a more influential platform to continue the work he began in his high school years.

Other credits and talents of his include being a former Camden Council Young Australian of the Year, multi-awarded regional, state, national, and international debater and public speaker, a classically trained pianist since the age of 5, and a proud Alumni of the University of Wollongong (Marketing & Philosophy).

When he is not entertaining and creating lasting memories on stage, you can find him either at home playing the latest and greatest single-player game on Xbox, catching up on his favourite podcasts or documentaries on Netflix, or hitting his local paintball field.

For more information and bookings/enquiries, please check out his website at:



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