Nanas of Anarchy

United Kingdom, London

Nanas of Anarchy is the brainchild of Beryl and Doris, two extremely old and suitably naughty nanas, that decided the world of gallery walls needed brightening up.

Main Services:

typography print, bold print, colour-pop print, gallery wall, framed poster, cool prints, wall art, statement art, vintage print, modern print

Nanas of Anarchy

They began their typography art takeover in 2018, with the birth of their bestseller “To the Disco”.Since then, the designs have kept coming and they now command a vast collection of bold, colour-pop badass wall prints, that come framed or as just prints.

The amazing range comes printed on museum-quality archival beautiful paper, with gorgeous wooden frames. The collections are the perfect, one-stop shop for creating your own gallery wall, and more importantly, they were created by two queens of the geriatric world. The nanas of anarchy.

The nanas have their own individual charm, cause they basically don’t give a fuck. They spend their days drinking and boshing as many drugs as they can, because, let’s face it, they’re old and it’s fun! This fun is injected into every print they design, so you are buying a little piece of history, with a nod to the anarchist in you.

They offer worldwide shipping and are here to make your home look the envy of all your friends. Don’t tell anyone your secret, cause once the word gets out, the nanas will be taking over the world. So get your home looking badass, you interior junkies. Get a Nanas of Anarchy print on your wall.

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