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Personalised Keyrings

Name Your Keyring

We noticed a real gap in the market for personalised accessories; this was patently clear when our children could never find anything with their name’s spelt correctly on souvenir stands.

This got us thinking about what we could create that kids could have bespoke made, and when looking for an original party bag idea, the idea suddenly struck us…we would make each child a personalised keyring. On seeing this offering, parents were quick to snap them up as they relished in the opportunity to find something truly personalised for their child, with the option of a host of colours they could create a truly unique item.

Uses have become more diverse, expanding from most commonly childrens’ bags, through to a multitude of uses around the homes, in workplaces and for parties and events.

As the company has grown so too has the product offering, encompassing now other items such as personalised phone cable tags, through to our newest line – personalised cookie cutters.

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