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Trivial phrase? No, for us it was just like that!

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Ethnic Clothing, woman dress, woman trousers, handmade clothing, handmade jewelery, natual fiber clothing, Indian Silk Clothing, Always Free Return, Always free Shiiping


Everything was born in that very first travel, that during which you discover you have something inside, to
offer, to find out, to learn and to convey.
The journey that’s not a holiday trip, the journey where you explore new places, cultures… because you feel
enriched, grown, different.
The journey that’s a wonderful training course, not in a class, but inside a hut, a forest, or in an Indian
The journey that’s not always easy, safe, comfortable.
The journey that doesn’t provide an income nor a stable future. But…
The journey that has moved something inside the three of us: it has allowed us to explore ourselves,
improving our understanding of life’s priorities and of who we really are.
We haven’t reached the Light, of course, we still have a lot to learn… But thanks to Manuel, the “first
brave” who started this amazing path, the others too have been able to experience and understand what
our route was.
Right from that first trip.
The one you never come back from…
The journey that turns you in a lifelong traveler, and synergistically teaches new jobs, transmitting new
competences. It enriches you with smiles, stories, traditions and makes you shine. With the desire to
improve, evolve and never stop exploring and learning.

It’s right here that Namastemood is born, a project with the intention of sharing and introducing the
lifestyle, the story, the colors and the Eastern traditions, in the life of us all. With a modern, vintage, gipsy,
tribal, alternative-chic twist… A mix of styles, but well-designed… that we love to define as “the unique
style”, because it wants to leave the usual schemes and canons imposed by society.
It wants everyone to discover their mood, color, model according to one’s personality.
It wants to offer to whatever gender, shape, ethnicity, to whatever age, physique, character… the
possibility to feel yourself and free.
We desire that each garment or accessory that our clients, friends and loved ones wear brings a smile both
outside in their daily life: from office, to a walk in the city center, from an evening outside to a ceremony…
and, especially, inside every one of them. Because, as we always say:
everyone of us is special and “beautiful”, you just have to realize and want it.

We follow personally every phase of this project, we travel to Asia several times a year for the choice of
fabrics, graphics and models that we first-hand test, try and change.
We collaborate with Fair-Trade and family businesses, careful about the whole working process,
environments, conditions, and we aim for their growth and support their communities.

We cultivate the desire to broaden our horizons and the growth of our activity, to achieve support projects
too, for instance schools and tools for training and education of children.
People we collaborate with have become a second family, we try to support them in every way and, on the
other hand, they host us in their homes and help us when we’re in their Land, we are a great team.
With them, we create models and designs basing on the feedbacks we receive from our clients and on
studies and research of more and more unique products.
We check the realization and the finishing in order to provide clothing, jewels and accessories of quality,
respecting the environment, with natural and recycled materials with a cost affordable to everyone.
Our sales points are traveling stands with which, in summer, we usually
take part to the most peculiar European festivals of music, street artists and more.
Moreover, we have an efficient e-commerce where you can buy directly with secure payment systems and
a steady, careful and dedicated assistance.
At last, we wanted to invest part of our job to offer the possibility of free shipping and return because we
know how important and helpful this is for distance purchases.
We love to hear the opinions and desires of our followers, both personally and virtually, and we try to meet
everyone’s needs.
In fact, our priority is the happiness and the satisfaction of the CUSTOMER, who’s the focus of our goals
and whom we try to cuddle with advises, packaging and offers.
There’s nothing better than a customer who write us or tell us how happy (s)he is for having found and met
Anyone can follow us on our socials to stay in touch with our reality and discover in detail everything about
our Brand.
Not just the sale of handmade products, made with love, cared for in detail… but also everything inside
and behind the Namastemood World!
Three souls with unlimited projects towards discovery and cultural integration, who commit everyday to
bring smiles and colors in the lives of those who decided to rely on them, or those who still don’t know
Following us, you can check out eventual Festivals and other events where you can find us, without losing
the opportunity to meet us in person! Anyone who wants to get to know us, virtually or in person, will be
able to observe our work based on research, study and production, to learn where our products come
from, tracking us down bazaars in Indian alleys or huge markets of the biggest Asian cities, to meet the
people with whom we share our project and, why not, maybe to provide ideas for a new trip!
“The journey is never a matter of money, but of courage.”

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