Chaga is a quite rare mushroom as it does not spread so easily in a natural way

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At Näckrosgården we specialize in gourmet mushrooms.
We have been growing gourmet mushrooms for almost a decade now and our mushrooms have been used and appriciated by many fine dining kitchens.

Our main focus is on diffrent products that makes it possible for our customers to grow their own mushrooms at home. It does not get any fresher than that!

Our selection includes everything from mushrooms growkits, mycelium grain spawn to mushroom dowels.

Our company is based in Finland and we produce all our mycelium products and growkits on demand.
This to ensure that our customers get the best possible results.
Mycelium is a fresh product and give the best results if used as fresh as possible.

We are mostly focused on the European market but we do ship all over the world.
Our products have to this date been used in over 50 diffrent countries!

Our mushroom growkits is the easiest way to grow mushrooms at home.
The boxes come packed with a substrate that has already been inoculated and incubated.
Basically, you just have to open it and spray it with water 2-3 times per day and after around two weeks you can enjoy tasty gourmet mushrooms grown at home!

It really is that simple! It is almost impossible to mess up.
We are so sure about this that we offer an harvest quarantee. If you follow the instructions on the kit and are not able to harvest any mushrooms we will either send you a new kit free of charge or refund you.

If you want to start your own outdoor mushroom garden our mycelium dowels do the trick.
The dowels can be plugged into freshly cut logs or stumps.
Once the dowels have been instered the mycelium growing on them start to colonize the wood. When the wood have been completely colonized mushrooms will start to fruit from them as long as the temperature an humidiy is right.
The season for most of our mushroom species are from spring to fall and the logs can produce mushrooms for multiple years as long as you take care of the logs.

Apart from regular mycelium dowels we also have a lot of experiece with Chaga cultivation.

Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus) is a parasitic fungus that mainly grows on birch trees.
The mushroom is often called the king of medicinal fungi and has been used as a medicinal fungus in Asia for thousands of years.

The Sami people in Scandinavia also have a long tradition of using chaga for medical purposes.

Chaga is a quite rare mushroom as it does not spread so easily in a natural way. Because of this, it can be exported at a fairly high price.

In Finland, there has been a lot research in recent years on the cultivation of chaga and methods that make it possible to cultivate chaga have been developed.
The prospects for cultivated chaga are bright and the market potential is enormous.
Our mycelium dowels for mushrooms are excellent for cultivation throughout Europe.
If you are interested in cultivating chaga or buying wholesale chaga we are your guys!

Apart from mushroom growing products and supplies we offer farm packages and education to individuals and companies that want to get into commercial mushrooms farming.
When we started cultivating mushrooms commercially we basically had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.

Who knew that growing mushrooms commercially could be so hard?

Information on mushroom cultivation was rare. You could find some info on dubious message boards online but most of the techniques were just plain bad or not viable on a commercial level.

The closest thing to a mushroom growing mentor that we had was some random guy on the internet that told us that you have not grown mushrooms for real until you have felt real tears streaming down your cheeks due to your miserable failures.

Let’s just say that we have had the pleasure to experience this a couple of times over the years.

We don’t want you to cry or have an hard time so that is why we started doing educations. We both do online consultations and real courses at our mushroom farm.
If you are interested in commercial mushroom farming education please contact us for options.

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